Video & Motion Graphics

Video is the future of content. Becoming one of the most widely-consumed media types, it is instrumental in communicating your message in front of a broad range of audiences in a creative, digestible, and effective way.

1bn hours

of YouTube content consumed each day


people browse and login to YouTube every month


of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video


of users say video helps shape and informs their purchasing decisions

1bn hours

of YouTube content consumed each day


Design powerful videos that capture passion and purpose. Create differentiation, generate interest, and start conversations through the power of visual content.


Tell a story

Sometimes, showing is better than telling. If you have a product, service, or announcement that needs to be experienced, you need expert video and motion graphics to do it justice.

It goes without saying that your video campaigns need to catch the eye, but they also need to be rooted firmly in your brand’s tone and your industry’s interests.

We conduct extensive audience research into your industry and your business objectives to develop a clear, concise video content strategy that complements your existing marketing efforts.


Decipher the code

When it comes to producing a video, you have an array of option to choose from. Each format and style has different strengths and benefits suited to different messages and purposes.

With so many options, how do you figure out which format will deliver your message in the most potent, effective way? Which method will transfer your vision into reality?

Whether it’s 2D or 3D animation, motion graphics, editing, or production, our team of expert videographers work in conjunction with you to decipher the most efficient and effective output. Our video and motion graphics will translate your message into powerful visual media designed to be remembered.


Increase impact

The most important part of your video creation is making sure you balance your brand’s message with your audience’s interests. After all, you don’t just want to tell people about your business – you want them to listen too!.

We produce video content that is right for you, your brand, and your audience, with a creative flair that will ensure it’s remembered. Our production of quality and compelling film will engage your carefully researched audience, telling your story across TV, social, search, retargeting, and more. You won’t just be shouting into the void – you will be heard.


Creating connections

Creating a great video is only part of it. Knowing where, when, and how to present your video is as important as the content itself. Timing is everything, after all!

Developing a strong video and motion graphics strategy involves more than just designing the video itself. You need to know which platforms will benefit you the most, where your audience is engaging, and how to present it to them for maximum impact.

Our strategists establish an actionable and measurable video content plan that stands out. We unearth the finite details of your business, where you are now, where you want to be, and communicate using emotive and engaging film that is presented to your audience at the optimum moment.


Over the past 15 years, the MWi Group has successfully navigated missions for over 500 businesses in B2B and B2C markets across 100+ sectors, 30 countries, 5 continents, and 1 galaxy.



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