Mobile App Design & Development

In today's interconnected world, mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. Being constantly connected to your digital consumers whenever and wherever they are through intuitive mobile-first apps is vital in delivering consistent value that fuels growth.


of smartphone users are more likely to use a company or brand’s mobile app because it’s easier to make a purchase


apps are currently available on the Apple App Store


of consumers say they’ll only download an app from a company they know and trust


of smartphone users prefer mobile apps that allow them to make a quick purchase


of smartphone users are more likely to use a company or brand’s mobile app because it’s easier to make a purchase


Launch an app that stands out from the crowd. Put UX at the core and leverage the power of mobile technology to deliver commercial goals.



You no doubt have a fantastic vision for what you want your business’ app to be. It captures your brand’s tone, message, and style, and you know which services and products you want to offer through it. But your app serves a number of purposes outside of your immediate company offerings. These additional areas of improvement can be uncovered with expert research and data analysis.

We use data to research your market and audience to ensure we design, develop, and deploy a best-in-class product that is customer-centric. We understand how your business works and how your product will engage with your audience, as well as how this can help in building brand and customer loyalty.



If you want a mobile app that looks out of this world, then you’re going to need next-level technology. But technology can do so much more than just make your app look good – it is vital in the delivery and functionality of your app too.

Our experienced team of developers use the latest technologies to build native, hybrid, and web apps. We work with you to scope the technical requirements of your product and identify additional areas of potential innovation. We also use project management systems including JIRA and Teams for collaboration to ensure we give full transparency. MWi strives to deliver your project to the highest quality on time and on budget.



There are millions of apps available to your customers. You don’t just need to stand out from your competitors – you need to stand out from everyone. There’s only one way to do that, and it’s a speciality of MWi: unique creativity.

Our team of creative UX designers create low- and high-fidelity prototypes of your app. We carry out rounds of user testing to ensure we are designing a product that your audience loves. We strive to design products that are future-thinking and push your brand creatively while remaining attuned to ease of adoption and driving continuous engagement.



Just like your website, your app needs to stand the test of time. It has to be fantastic today and tomorrow. You need an app that is flexible, adaptive, and ready to support your business’ future.

Planning out a strategy for your app will futureproof it and your business. From day one, we are thinking about the long-term future of your product. We work with you to consider the adoption and marketing strategy needed in order to raise awareness of your new product. Throughout the process, we will create a future roadmap of further developments to continuously improve and add more value between you and your customers.


Over the past 15 years, the MWi Group has successfully navigated missions for over 500 businesses in B2B and B2C markets across 100+ sectors, 30 countries, 5 continents, and 1 galaxy.



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