Data Analytics Modelling

Data is growing at a staggering rate. To give context to this, there was 40 times more data collected and stored at the start of 2020 than observable stars in the universe. Using and modelling data is no longer a 'nice-to-have' – it's paramount to digital success.


bytes of data are created each day consumer


marketing technology solutions available in 2021


of leading marketers agree that machine learning will be critical in providing personalised experiences


marketers say that first-party data is important to the success of their digital marketing programs


bytes of data are created each day consumer


Bridge silos of data and use the power of machine learning, AI, and probabilistic analytics to make smarter decisions, create better experiences, and accelerate your growth.


Big data, bigger insights

You want more customers – but attracting the customers are the most profitable for your company is where data modelling comes into play.

Modelling your first-party data allows you to make intelligent decisions around customer acquisition. Knowing how to combine your first-party data will allow you to identify the best and most profitable customers, which you can then use to inform your brand, experience, and marketing campaigns.

Our data analytics experts can do precisely that. We blend your first-party data with digital customer experiences and market analysis. From this, we can develop predictive modelling and real-time events to drive your decision-making.



The best data comes from the best technology. With cutting-edge software and bespoke tools, you can gather the most accurate, useful data to help you discover the most significant areas of potential growth.

At MWi, we have the tools to unearth the areas of greatest potential. We use predictive, prescriptive, and probabilistic modelling to forecast, anticipate, and act upon future events. From this, we can plan, intercept, and deliver the best possible outcomes for your business.



There is more than one way to achieve your commercial objectives. A more unique, creative approach to data can push you ahead of your competition and get you that all-important head start.

Our data scientists are focused on your commercial objectives. We can use data to drive your business forward by calculating the probability of future outcomes. Our creative use of data will move your processes forward in new and efficient ways to give you the edge in your industry.



Your data analytics strategy shouldn’t just map out your business for today – with the correct use of data, your strategy can provide a clever foresight into your future.

Using and modelling data is fundamental to building a digital strategy. A strategy built for the future and navigated with data will give you a true view of what is to come. With the support of our data analytics team, you’ll be able to spot opportunities and pitfalls before your competition.


Over the past 15 years, the MWi Group has successfully navigated missions for over 500 businesses in B2B and B2C markets across 100+ sectors, 30 countries, 5 continents, and 1 galaxy.



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